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Photo excerpts from an 8-day trip to South Turkey which I took in the Winter of 2010 along with 6 other friends of mine.

We flew from Manchester to Antalya in Turkey and were staying in the city of Alanya for most part of the trip, which is a beach resort city in the Antalya Province.  After a 6 hour flight we reached Turkey late evening. The next day we explored Alanya Castle and Kleopatra Beach.

Alanya Kalesi (Alanya Castle)

A medieval castle from 13th century BC, which is located 250 m (820 ft) high on a rocky peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean Sea.





View of  the City of Alanya & Alanya Shipyard


Kleopatra Beach

The most popular beach in Alanya with clear bluish green water and a cliff on one side.



Manavgat River Cruise

Relaxing wooden-boat cruise, where we spent one whole day. The boat took us to an estuary where river water mixes with sea water. After which we were taken to Manavgat Market place where branded items were being sold at much cheaper rates.


Managvat Waterfalls

After the River Cruise and shopping, we reached Manavgat Waterfalls in the evening. But it was not in its normal state.Water was overflowing and had encroached the visitor viewing areas.



This is how Manavgat Waterfalls looks like when it is not rainy season.



Our guides for the Jeep Safari was a Turkish local who took us to the mountains, stopping first at a local Turkish school on top of a hillock, then crossing a rocky stream, cliffs with breathtaking views and finally reaching the Sapadere Canyon Waterfall which was just splendid.

View from infront of the school

DSC_1634 - Copy



This is situated about 40kms from Alanya, and the whole route you drive is picturesque. The whole area was breathtaking, with the canyon that has been created by the repeated erosion of soil, ice, wind etc causing layers of rock formation over years and years.

A walkway has been built for tourists to walk up till the waterfall.

Tourists are even allowed to have a swim in the waterfall, which seemed very tempting; but we didn’t indulge since we didn’t carry any spare clothes.

And someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a leak in the canyon !


There is a restaurant at the entrance which is very tranquil and serene, though the only available food was typical Turkish fried fish and chips which is every bit bland and non-palatable to our taste buds.



Early next morning we set out towards Denizli to see the world famous Hierapolis-Pamukkale.

Beautiful view on the way

Ruins of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, an ancient Greek city as old as 2nd Century BC was situated on the hot springs on classical Phrygia.



Cleopatra’s Pool – Thermal Spa

We swam in this thermal pool, which has hot water spring coming from under the earth. The water temperature is between 36-57 deg celcius and suitable for swimming. The water is also known to possess medicinal properties, which is why drinking and bathing in it is highly advisable.


Pamukkale, is a natural site which contains hot springs and travertines which are terraces of carbonate minerals left by flowing water. The word Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’ and like the name the place resembles the same.


Earlier tourists were allowed to swim in the warm water from the hot spring beneath, but now only walking is allowed.


Unarguably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to!


Onyx Factory and Souvenir Centre

The next day before heading back to Alanya, we stopped at an Onyx Factory near Pamukkale. Onyx is a banded variety of oxide mineral chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of silica. In simpler terms, Onyx is a translucent marble-like material that has different interesting patterns. Onyx gets  its colours from minerals and patterns are formed over millions of years, by hot water spring waves in the underground. It is pretty expensive and the factory had a huge array of items made with Onyx stone. It is also famed to have healing properties. 



Ball shaped Onyx stones






We reached back to Alanya late night and retired to bed after a quiet dinner at our hotel. Next day early morning we flew back to the UK, with unforgettable memories of Turkey that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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