Taking the highway with my speakers blaring is the only way I can get ‘drive’ past woes that grip me. The train window seat and trees that run past awaken the philosophical me like nothing else can. The sight of a map makes my stomach churn up with butterflies like I’m a school kid who just saw her first crush walk past. And just setting foot on an airport lobby gets me all high with the thrill of embarking on a fairytale, to a far  unknown land that promises new memories. If these aren’t the symptoms of being a Travel Aficianado, I don’t know what is.

Books and Travel – If I had choose just 2 things in life, it would come down to these. My love for words and my yearning for new experiences, people and places.

And now, I’ve decided to thread both these passion points and weave something interesting  and useful.

This blog is all about travel, about places I’ve been to – must-visit spots and eat-outs, accommodation facilities and random useful tips for future travellers. The highlight is an Itinerary included in each post, which I would like to call a ‘Travel Cheat Sheet‘, designed to make your travel planning effective and easy. Also, don’t forget I’m here anytime anyone has a travel query, or to create a tentative itinerary for your future trip. So put all your woes to rest and plan away your next destination.